I cried watching "The Iron Claw"

I cried watching The Iron Claw.
I cry for almost every film I watch but I didn't think I would this time. Right up to the end I felt moved, and I pitied the characters (and the real family) for the heartbreaking story, but I was also distracted by the funny-looking hair and muscles, and the accents.

Then it hit me. Twice.

Firstly with the scene of the last dead brother paddling his canoe in the quietness of the sunset. I felt the calmness — no, it was something more: absence. I was completely mesmerized, caught in the moment, and oblivious of the world around me, of the fact that I was watching scenes through a screen; I was in the canoe, and I was on the pier, I was one of the brothers.
And when he asked to see the little one! (whom I had forgot about)......

Then, it hit me again, harder, when Zac Efron looks at his kids playing and starts crying, saying "I used to be a brother and... well, now I'm not a brother anymore."
That's when my heart exploded and the sobbing started. I had never thought about it that way before. I was expecting a "I used to have brothers" but not that. I guess that's true, though. If you lose your sibling(s) a part of yourself dies with them.

I don't want to loose my sister. I don't want to stop being a brother.

Also, Zac Efron is a great actor. And so are them all.